Multi-Dimensional Viewer

Multi Dimensional Viewer (MDV) is tool for analyzing, annotating and sharing multi dimensional data. It is inspired by dc charts and crossfilter , but is performant with over 10 million data items

Key Features

  • Large assortment of interactive charts/widgets such as spread sheets, genome browser,image viewer and 3d scatter plot
  • Multiple views of the same data
  • Charts/Widgets can pop out into separate windows to take advantage of multiple screens
  • Multiple data sources (tables) and can loaded and links defined between them
  • Data can added and/or modified by the user
  • Diverse range of data sources (API calls,static files) can be used by implementing custom data loaders


Watch a video demonstrating the basic functionality of MDV

Global Clustering
Marker QC
MDV Annotation
Sample Abundance
New View
Reclustering Cells
Views and Icons
Sample Information
Spatial Statistics
Views Avivator